August 27, 2016 - Adjust


Autism is a spectrum condition which includes Asperger’s syndrome.

Employees with autism can bring a range of unique skills to a workplace and often flourish in the right environment. These individuals can be immensely loyal staff members with an exceptionally low absence rate, and may even need to be encouraged to take annual leave. They can work with high levels of dedication and an eye for detail – and they may often see things from a different point of view.

If employees with autism are not understood effectively then difficulties can arise for the employee and managers alike. Adjust can help right from the start with pre-recruitment advice and ongoing consultancy to ensure the smoothest employment journey.

Employees with autism can struggle at work if there is a lack of structure or clear communication. Many may not be able to pick up on non-verbal communication or the unwritten rules of workplace culture and their behaviour can be misconstrued as rude, insensitive or unfriendly. This can lead to these employees becoming ostracised or isolated.

Adjust can help your business recognise autism in the workplace and advise your organisation on next steps through our training and consultancy services.

The first step is understanding.

Autism Understood.

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